Plant Based Picnic on the Hudson

IMG_2101When I first thought of going on picnics as a veg head it seemed like it was going to suck. The reality of plant based eating is that their is so much to eat and sometimes the focus on fruits and vegetables forces creativity. Coconut fried tofu with sushi quinoa/brown rice, seaweed salad, corn salad, and a pint of strawberries. We ate our picnic on the Hudson while the sun set and it was nice until it instantly got freezing.

sushi quinoa/brown rice

cook brown rice and quinoa together in a pot and let cool

add rice vinegar, sugar or stevia to taste and a few drops of soy sauce.



Pumpkin seed and cashew covered sweet potato fries or crunchy yams


Brendan Brazier’s new book Thrive Foods has some amazing recipes and this is one that I tweaked.

Cut Yams or sweet potatos into fries

Blend pumpkin seeds and cashews with seasoning of choice

my seasoning was basil, salt, and chili flakes

mix in bowl with coconut oil

bake in oven at 350 until tender or longer for crispy fries